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British Association of Art Therapists

24-27 White Lion Street 


N1 9PD 

Tel: 020 7686 4216 

Fax: 020 7837 7945 


We do try and respond to queries as quickly as possible, but as all BAAT staff members work part – time we cannot always guarantee a same-day reply. The best and quickest way to get a response is by email.

Val Huet, Chief Executive Officer

(Four days a week)


Mary Rose Brady, Director of Operations

(Four days a week)


Dr Patricia Watts, BAAT Scotland Professional Officer

(Works Flexibly one day per week)


Dr Sue Holltum, BAAT Research Officer



Antonia Kenny, Courses and Events Manager 

(Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)


Alex McDonald, Social Media Officer

(Works Flexibly)


Bettina Erland Jensen, Membership Officer  

(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday)