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Ms Stella Joel

Postgraduate Diploma in Art Therapy
Health Service; Nursing Homes; Supervision; Voluntary Services; Charity, Charitable Organisation; Community Service; Counselling Service; Health Service; Higher Education; Independent Sector; Nursing Homes; Other; Private Health Sector; Private Hospital; Social Services; Supervision; Voluntary Services; Education (Primary, Secondary, Further Education)
Adolescent; Adults; Elderly; Children, Young People; Organisations; Other
Cancer Care; Eating Disorders; Learning Disabilities; Mental Health; Palliative Care; Physical Conditions; Supervision; Addictions; Autism; Counselling; HIV, Aids; Organisations; Other; Refugees; Training; Women
Art Therapy can enable you to reconnect with your creativity and to find your strengths. Within a supportive and listening environment, talking and the creativity of art can enable you to find a way through difficult times or experiences. It can support you in resolving issues from the past and enable you to find a way forward.