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NEW - Art Therapy and Memory Drawing: Working with Children in Schools - Online Delivery

This course is open to qualified Art Therapists and Art Therapy Trainees. Participants will gain an understanding of the methods and theories of memory drawing, which aids children to better memorising various facts related to their coursework learning. Memory drawing also facilitates processing of emotions in a same way as the art-making process functions within art therapy.

Saturday 23rd October 2021

10:00am - 17:00pm

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Delivered Online

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Quantitative research which shows that memory drawing is an effective long-term memory aid will be introduced during the course, along with a qualitative case study that demonstrates the way in which memory drawing can simultaneously facilitate coursework learning and processing of emotions. The way in which memory drawing can be applied has implications and recommendations for professionals working in education, including art therapists, as therapy and education are integrated within such memory drawing.

Through art making, sharing, discussions and lectures, the participants will gain knowledge about the basis of the methods and theories of Memory Drawing.


On completion of this course you will:

  • Be able to understand the function and potential included in application of memory drawing within art therapy.
  • Know that memory drawing is generally an effective long-term memory aid for coursework learning as well as for processing emotional material related to stress and/or trauma.
  • Understand that art therapy theories and methods are an essential part of memory drawing when applied within therapy and education.
  • Be able to share the knowledge about the effectiveness of drawing for memorising coursework learning and facilitating emotional processing, when introducing to other professionals the nature and importance of art therapy within schools.


Dr. Unnur Ottarsdottir is a part-time art therapy lecturer at the Iceland University of the Arts and at the continuing education department of the University of Akureyri. She is also a practising researcher at the Reykjavik Academy. Unnur has practised art therapy in various institutions and in her private practice for almost 30 years. She runs an art therapy clinic in Iceland, specialising in treatment for children and adults dealing with traumatisation and specific learning difficulties. Her areas of research are: art therapy in education for children with specific learning difficulties who have experienced trauma, and art making as a therapeutic and learning approach, including drawing for memorisation and emotional processing. Unnur has given lectures and written chapters and articles about art therapy and memory drawing which have been published internationally. Further information can be found at:

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