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Using Social Theories in Art Therapy Practice and Research - Online Delivery

This course is open to all who wish to attend. The aim of the course is to teach participants hands-on skills for utilizing social theories in individual, group and community art therapy practice and research. It will teach ways of using art to co-produce knowledge with clients and change existing systems. The course will offer new skills for redefining the role of an art therapist and re-understanding art through social theories.

Saturday 28th November 2020

10:00am - 17:00pm

(Zoom invites will be sent 1-week prior to the start date)


Delivered Online

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Art therapy is characterized by an understanding of the role of art in therapy through psychological rather than social theories. This includes dynamic, humanistic, positive psychology and neuroscientific perspectives. This leads to understanding our clients through an encapsulated and decontextualized identity that is not influenced by social context and systemic dynamics. Considering that many of our clients are from minority groups and their distress emerges from different types of marginalization, then it would make sense to utilize social theories within art therapy and create effective working methodologies to do this.


This course will aim to demonstrate this transition from embodied relational aesthetics to embodied relational socially embedded aesthetics. This will be demonstrated through specific methodological constructs and skills. The course will teach ways of using the arts as a symbolic but also embodied meeting place within the social world. Participants will learn how to use the arts to transform personal, but also systemic and social experiences.


The following skills will be taught hands-on over the course, moving from individual to family to group and then community contexts:

How to use arts to excavate socially silenced narratives through the relationship between form and content

• An understanding of the relationship between phenomenological experience and social context, through the tension between figure and background

• How to use spatial elements as recourses in the real interactive world

• How to use art as a space to fight the homeostatic tendency of a system

• How to use arts to enhance sense of coherence (meaning, manageability and comprehensibility) as a gateway to personal but also social empowerment in art therapy

• How to create and use Systems-Creative genograms

• Ways of using art therapy to transform communities

• How to use art therapy to co-produce knowledge with clients

• Ways of developing the social art therapist within me


At the end of this course you will be able to:

• Understand the relationship between arts and social theories

• Utilize social theories in individual, family, group and community contexts

• Have specific skills to shift static systems through arts

• Have specific skills to enhance meaning manageability and comprehension

• Be able to analyse art processes and products through social theories

• Understand how to use arts to co-produce knowledge with clients in art therapy practice and research

Professor Ephrat-Huss chairs an MA in arts therapy for social work at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. She has published over 70 articles and 2 theoretical and 2 edited books on art therapy and arts-based research within social contexts. She has also received competitive grants in this field. Her overall areas of research are the interface between social theories and arts therapy, as well as the use of arts-based research with marginalised groups. 

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Convenors: Prof. Ephrat Huss

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