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Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing; A bilateral approach to sensorimotor body mapping - NEW DATE

Open to all Qualified Professionals and Trainees. Guided Drawing is a body-focused drawing technique providing an archetypal structure that applies the philosophy of Jungian Depth Psychology to universal, formal elements such as a line or a circle or a square. Adults draw with closed eyes and both hands, using chalk crayons or finger paints on large sheets of paper.

Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th May 2021

Two half days: 9:00am - 12:30pm


Delivered Online (Zoom invite will be sent 1-week prior to start date)

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Drawing rhythmically with both hands does not use imagery, but the direct expression of one's Felt Sense. The process of exploring the history of experienced tensions, postures and attitudes leads to an unfolding of one's personal and trans-personal life story. A dialogue emerges between perception and expression, which creates increasing awareness of an inner guidance that knows the path towards transformation and healing.


The course will be a hands-on exploration of Guided Drawing as a form of bilateral body-mapping. It is a powerful approach suitable especially for traumatised client groups, who suffer from disempowering physiological symptoms such as anxiety attacks or chronic pain. Bilateral body-mapping can be likened to a self-massage.Clients will engage in an active response to their ailments with a healing focus, which can bring relief and be empowering,


This course will enable participants to:

• Understand the body-focus of archetypal shapes, when these are drawn in rhythmic repetition

• Apply trauma-informed principles such as Pendulation and Titration

• Facilitate nervous-system regulation through therapeutic interventions with particular shapes


Cornelia Elbrecht BA. MA. (Art Ed), AThR, SEP, has more than 40 years of experience as an art therapist. She is also a Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist (SEP). She has studied at the School for Initiatic Art Therapy in Germany, also Jungian and Gestalt therapy, Bioenergetics and bodywork. She is founder and director of the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy, School for Initiatic Art Therapy. Cornelia is a registered professional member of ANZACATA, the Australian, New Zealand and Asia Art Therapy Association and IEATA, the International Expressive Arts Therapies Association. She is an accredited art therapy supervisor. 2019 Elbrecht, Cornelia; Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing; a sensorimotor approach to bilateral body mapping. Online Training 2018 Elbrecht, Cornelia; Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing; a sensorimotor approach to bilateral body mapping. North Atlantic Booked, Berkley, California. 2012 Elbrecht, Cornelia. Trauma Healing at the Clay Field, a sensorimotor approach to art therapy; Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London/Philadelphia. 

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Convenors: Cornelia Elbrecht

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