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Working with Trauma: Art Therapy & EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) - Online Delivery

This course is open to all Qualified Professionals EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is a trauma therapy which can be used in conjunction with Art Psychotherapy to help address blocks, phobias, and anxiety. It is well evidenced as effective for PTSD. This course is aimed at those who are not trained in or using EMDR in their practice, yet.




Saturday 19th September 2020

10am to 5pm

(Zoom invites will be sent 1-week prior to the start date)


Delivered Online

Specific relaxation techniques and coping strategies will also be demonstrated to enable practitioners to help calm people in immediate distress and teach them to self-soothe. These techniques can be used to help individuals and groups, clients and staff, adults and children.


EMDR used in art therapy sessions can speed up the therapeutic process and achieve results in a way that psychotherapy often cannot.


EMDR has the potential to improve services, provide better value for money and produce stronger evidence of positive outcomes due to an inbuilt measuring scale.


Self-care for people working with trauma is crucial, so vicarious trauma related to working within both the charitable and public sectors will also be addressed.


Lee Anna Simmons is a state registered art therapist and is also fully trained and accredited in EMDR therapy with specialist Child and Adolescent training. She runs 'Social Art Therapy Ltd, a small clinic in South East London and is partly based in Covent Garden www.EMDR.London. She uses EMDR & Art Psychotherapy to address specific blocks, phobias and past trauma. Lee has experience working in Adult Social Services in Greater London, a refugee camp and addiction centre in Lebanon, and primary, secondary and alternative provision schools in the UK.She also supervises social workers and therapists.


Lee’s qualifications include a Masters in Art Psychotherapy from Goldsmiths University, and Masters in Art practice from Chelsea College of Art & Design, London. She is also qualified as a climbing instructor, occasionally taking people climbing as part of their trauma therapy.

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Convenors: Lee Simmons

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