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Child Development & its Significance in Art Therapy

An increasing body of evidence tells us that the quality of care-giving received in the early years has a significant impact on future personality development and emotional wellbeing.

Saturday 5th of September 2020

10am to 17.00


24–27 White Lion Street, London N1 9PD

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This course will explore early child development from psychological and attachment perspectives and examine the crucial role that art therapy can play in both identifying and reworking poorly negotiated developmental steps.

Additional Information:

Non BAAT Member fee: £170
Non BAAT Members:  To book please email  with your booking enquiry. You will also need to create a BAAT booking account by registering here: This does not incur a fee.
Employer funded BAAT Member: £140

Full BAAT member self-funded: £105

Under-employed BAAT member self-funded: £95

Unemployed BAAT member: £85

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2 reserved reduced places for Unemployed/Trainee BAAT members: £55 – To book please contact

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Lunch and refreshments included. 


Convenors: Mary-Rose Brady

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