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Art Psychotherapy & Eating Disorders

The course will look at Eating Disorders (mainly Anorexia) from different perspectives. It will consider physical health issues, common complex dynamics of splits in families, the possible paralysis of thinking in teams and organisations, and the role of individual therapists within this.

Saturday 26th of January 2019

10am to 5pm (registration 9.30am)


24 - 27 White Lion Street, London N1 9PD.

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We will also consider early identification, long term outcomes and evidence base. Attendees will gain an understanding of physical health ; BMI, WFH, Paediatrics, distinguishing between ED and disordered eating and early warning signs. Attendees will learn about how all these issues influence art therapy practice and what approaches are best to use.

Additional Information:

Non BAAT member fee: £160 to book please email with your booking enquiry

Employer funded BAAT Member: £130

Full BAAT member self-funded: £100

Under-employed BAAT member self-funded: £80

Trainee BAAT member self-funded: £80

2 reserved reduced places for Unemployed/Trainee BAAT members have been claimed.


If you would like to be invoiced for your place on this course, please complete this Invoice form Invoice Details Request - Event Booking.docx and return it to If you would like to be invoiced and are not a BAAT member, you will need to create a BAAT booking account by registering via our website here This does not incur a fee and is free to set up. Please include your registered BAAT number within your form.

Lunch and refreshments included.

Convenors: Cliff Free

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