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Communicating Complex Ideas

Communicating information about finance and accountancy issues to general audiences has its own unique set of challenges.

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Whether getting support for ideas or communicating critical issues, finance professionals are increasingly finding that to succeed they need to sharpen their communication skills to augment their technical expertise. The difficulty lies in the complexity of the message. Sharing the full detail of an issue risks baffling the recipient; simplifying the matter can be difficult without misleading.


This course will enable you to:
  • Analyse the needs of your audience
  • Choose the appropriate form of delivery 
  • Plan and design an effective communication
  • Evaluate its effectiveness

Additional Information:

Non BAAT member fee: £70

Employer funded BAAT Member: £50

Full BAAT member self-funded: £50

Under-employed BAAT member self-funded: £50

Unemployed BAAT member Self-funded: £50

Trainee BAAT member self-funded: £50

Retried BAAT member self-funded: £50

Associate BAAT member self-funded: £50

Convenors: e.Learning

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