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Working with Children and Young People in Arts Therapy 2016-17

18 October 2016

The British Association of Art Therapists agrees that it’s time to take action in response to the continued upward trend in Children and Young People’s mental health issues...

Never before has there been such a wealth of compelling evidence, making us more determined than ever to ensure that we are getting it right for our children!

10 reasons why we created our first accredited course specially targeted to the Arts Therapies children and young people’s work force...

An effective and vibrant profession continues to grow and challenge itself to improve outcomes for children, young people and families - feedback from some of the committed Arts Therapists currently studying on the diploma course:

'Thank you very much for a very informative module! It was great to meet both tutors and I was very impressed with all your preparation and professionalism in running the course.'

'As well as informative you managed to make the module warm and entertaining too! Looks like there's a great mix of like minded art therapists bringing their skills and experiences too!'

'Thank you for such an enjoyable and stimulating time on the BAAT diploma, I have felt enthused and re-energised ever since!'

'Thank you for an incredibly nurturing and insightful module on the course.'

'So far the course has been very relevant to my role and will help me in all aspects of my practice, especially in areas that I was previously unclear about, such as current legislation.'

'There was a great mixture of theoretical and practical training that was delivered excellently by experienced art therapists who were able to break everything down into simplified sections and answer all our queries. I'm really looking forward to the next module!'

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You can find out more about our accredited course here: Level 5 Diploma in Working with Children in Art Therapy

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