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Making in Perfect Harmony Without Communicating One Single Word

08 August 2016

Trainees on the London One Week Art Therapy Foundation Course created a stunning group work of art…

The trainees made a group painting on day 2.
They worked in silence and could only communicate non verbally.
On day 4 they revisited the painting.
They worked in silence and communicated non verbally with each other about how they would transform the painting.
They contemplated it.
They patched and mended it.
They transformed it into a paper aeroplane.
They lifted it.
They raised it over their heads.
They jumped up and down.
They moved it in a wave motion.
They pushed it higher and higher above their heads.
They punched it making a deafening thunderstorm of sound.
They punched through it.
They ripped it.
It fell in pieces to the ground.
They wrapped each other’s arms.
They huddled together for a family portrait.
They ripped their costumes off and formed a circle around them.
They burst into spontaneous applause.

All moving in perfect harmony as if it was meticulously choreographed but all done without communicating one single word.

Thank you to the trainees for sharing their work with us all!

The One Week Art Therapy Foundation Course offers an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Art Therapy with different client groups, as all speakers are experienced Art Therapists presenting clinical work from their own art therapy practice. It also has an experiential element, as Art Therapy workshops are also included. No previous formal experience of art making is required, but it is important to be prepared to take part in artwork.

The course is intended for people who may consider Art Therapy as a career, and want to train as an Art Therapist. It is also useful for healthcare workers who want to gain a better understanding of Art within a care context.