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Art Therapy Group Wins 'Outstanding Support Service for Carers' Award

19 July 2016

A Carers’ Art Therapy Group Project delivered by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust has won the 2016 Health Education England, North West London Award for ‘Outstanding Support Service for Carers’.

The Carers’ Art Therapy Group Project was established in response to a request from Central North West London (CNWL) NHS Foundation Trust Kensington and Chelsea services, to support carers of people with mental health problems. The Kensington and Chelsea Arts Therapies Manager, Annemarie Trainor, was then supported to set up an initial art therapy group.

The impact of the initial art therapy group, along with the enthusiasm shown by the carers, enabled a further art therapy group to occur, run by Art Therapist, Helen Rennie.

The aim of the art therapy groups was for the carers to feel more positive in themselves and in their roles as carers, allowing their voices to become stronger and better heard.

This seemingly small investment of time, has paid dividends and the carers' feedback and responses show how the service can develop. Since participating in art therapy the carers have gone on to set up their own support network, co-produce a Recovery College Course for carers, and sit on the CNWL NHS Foundation Trust steering group for the development of Personality Disorder Services.

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