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The AHPs emerging mandate for change - last chance to contribute your comments and votes

12 July 2016

An invitation from Suzanne Rastrick, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer to participate in the AHP's emerging mandate for change.

The emerging mandate defines how England would be different if AHPs were genuinely used effectively and what they need to stop, start or do differently to make this happen. By the end of the first week there were 328 comments posted and 1862 votes cast!

The emerging mandate describes;
4 ways AHPs will impact health & wider care system.
4 areas of commitment to achieve this change.
4 themes which AHPs need to focus on to deliver this.

Visitors are invited to indicate if they like or dislike the statements, by voting, and to share comments to help improve them or to share why you voted the way you did. This is an opportunity to ensure that people using the services of AHPs and those organisations working in collaboration with and commission AHPs services are given the opportunity to comment and have their voice heard.

Your ideas, insight and feedback are very much appreciated. Please continue to log on, comments are being posted every day. I would also like to encourage those who haven't already done so to log on. You can join now, and as many times as you like until the 15 July 2016 at 5pm. All you need to do is visit the website and enter your username and password.

There is also an option on the platform to invite others. Please do so to encourage them to have a voice also. Just to remind you, this online workshop is not a survey, but an interactive conversation about a future vision for AHPs across England.

It is your chance to have a voice and co-create a mandate for change.

Many thanks once again.

Suzanne Rastrick
Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, NHS England.

Please do not hesitate to contact my Clinical Fellow, Dr Joanne Fillingham, if you need any help or support, or have any questions.