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06 March 2016

From Artist's residency to Art Therapy provision for adults experiencing mental health issues...

For the first ever National Museums and Wellbeing Week (29 February - 6 March 2016) BAAT are celebrating Art Therapy in Museums and Galleries...

During an artists’ residence at Whitby Museum Art Psychotherapist, Sandra Storey explored printmaking to reflect on the role of artefacts and their capacity to contain and communicate aspects of loss and transition. Objects and artefacts can be invested with more than their materiality and communicate at conscious and unconscious levels. They are significant in the development of the human psyche (Winnicott 1971, Trustram 2013).

The nature of ‘collecting’ with its roots in the ‘Wunderkammer’ or Cabinet of Curiosites also provoked images and ideas about archiving, presentation and personal collecting. In discussion with members of Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society at Whitby Museum new ideas formed about how to extend the museum’s valuable resource to the wider community.



This has now developed into an Art Therapy pilot project funded by Museum Development: Yorkshire and will be delivered in partnership with MIND. Participants are encouraged to bring objects that are significant to them, to explore the museum and its collections, and to make potential links with their own objects and collections. This is followed by an invitation to make images and new objects whilst reflecting on their significance together.

The participants are also invited to share their experience of the Art Therapy and Whitby Museum as part of the evaluation of the project.


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