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Time to Change...

07 March 2016

BAAT has been delighted to work with Time to Change to develop their new training pack to help reduce the stigma and discrimination experienced by people when using mental health services.

Time to Change Stories: Neil Springham and Marie France

First published by Time to Change here.

Neil Springham, Consultant Art Therapist, and Marie France, user of Neil’s services

Neil and Marie-France were involved with workshops developing the materials for the Time to Change training pack. Afterwards, they discussed their experiences as a clinician and someone who has used mental health services. They shared some of this discussion with us:

Neil: I’m  not surprised service users feel they experience stigma within mental health services based on what I see and what they tell me about their care.  I think that it’s easier to address, if it’s about other people, but if I discovered it was me who was being stigmatising, then I would genuinely feel devastated.

Marie-France: I have 2 experiences to share. Although maybe not appearing dramatic, they had a profound effect on me. Both occurred during my time as an in-patient...

See Neil and Marie's story here:

Time to Change

BAAT has been delighted to work with Time To Change to develop their new training pack to help reduce the stigma and discrimination experienced by people when using mental health services. Time to Change is England's most ambitious programme to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems. The programme is run by the charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, and funded by the Department of Health, Comic Relief and the Big Lottery Fund.

Time to Change, the mental health anti-stigma campaign, in partnership with NHS England, has worked with mental health professionals and people using services to develop new training materials, which are available to all Mental Health Trusts in England.

The initiative is in response to research, which shows that - despite positive changes in attitudes towards people with mental health problems in some areas of life - 1 in 3 people report stigma and discrimination when they use mental health services.

Time to Change developed the training pack to encourage open dialogue amongst mental health teams about the positive changes they can make to improve their culture and practice – both in secure and community settings. The pack is available through the Time to Change website and includes a film and supporting materials to be used in group supervisions or team meetings.

Sue Baker, Director of Time to Change, said: “Despite making significant headway in improving general public attitudes towards mental illness, people using mental health services continue to report having experienced discrimination within services and other parts of the NHS. However, we also know that there are some positive examples of delivering care and it’s these that we want to encapsulate and share with other Trusts to show what can be done to improve services and make a big difference to people’s recovery. By partnering with NHS England we are able to ensure that a wider pool of Trusts across the country will be able to make use of the training and ensure that people using services have an improved experience when they visit their healthcare setting.”