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‘Looking back to move forward’…Nicki Power, Rebekah Dolby & David Thorne at Attachment & Arts Conference (2021)

10 August 2021

Nicki Power, Rebekah Dolby & David Thorne presenting "Looking back to move forward": Reflecting on our experience of action research with art therapists working with people with a learning disability during Covid-19” at the 2021 Attachment & the Arts conference on 20th November…

People with a learning disability were disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Existing health inequalities and social concerns, such as loneliness, were exacerbated. For those accessing art therapy, the consistency of their psychological support was interrupted with the national lockdown. Over the Summer of 2020, we conducted online research with practicing art therapists in the UK to understand their experiences of work and wellbeing in a radically changed landscape. In this presentation, we will use video, experiential artmaking and talking to share the research process, our findings and consider how the implications could be relevant for the art therapy profession as a whole. 

Nicki Power 

Nicki Power is a doctoral researcher and art therapist. She is currently seconded from her role as Head of Arts Therapies for Bedfordshire Adult Mental Health & Learning Disability Services, part of East London NHS Foundation Trust. She is a coordinator of the BAAT Art Therapy & Learning Disability Professional Support Group. She is a member of the editorial board for the Irish Journal of Creative Arts Therapies – Polyphony. 

Rebekah Dolby 

Rebekah Dolby is an art therapist and graduate of University of Hertfordshire. She is a trauma- informed practitioner and is currently working for a social justice organisation, The Cambridge Acorn Project, as an Art Therapist and Wellbeing Lead in both primary and secondary schools.

David Thorne 

David Thorne is an artist and art therapist with a Mentalization-based influence. He worked for the Special Learning Disabilities Service within Hertfordshire Partnership University Foundation NHS Trust, through the lockdowns of 2020, and Now works for Devon Partnership Trust. He is also a visiting lecturer and experiential module facilitator at the University of Hertfordshire. 

The 2021 Attachment & the Arts conference will be held on Saturday 20th November 2021 online as a zoom event.  

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