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Saluting Art Therapy... Keynote: Noah Hass-Cohen At Attachment & Arts Conference (2021)

27 July 2021

Keynote: Noah Hass-Cohen presenting "Saluting Art Therapy: Transformative Expression and the Social Brain During Covid-19" at the 2021 Attachment & the Arts conference on 20th November…

This address will discuss the potential psychological short and long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic from a neuroscientific and relational perspective. Of particular focus will be how compassionate based art therapy practices, both online and face-to-face, may support recovery through the encouragement of positive memory reconsolidation.

From an attachment perspective, prevailing threats to physical, social, and economic survival and existential fears during the pandemic might be perceived as intrinsically disorganizing. Simultaneously longing for and fearing of social connections, loving, fearing the loss of a loved one and their love, being caught between the duelling needs of essential employment and avoiding infection, and seeking the security of a vaccine which may have safety limitations as well as other similar conditions are not only stressful but also inescapable. Furthermore, the reoccurrence of pandemic surges creates extreme uncertainty about the future while perpetuating an existential crisis and continually depleting individual and social resources and resiliencies.

Dr Noah Hass-Cohen, PsyD, ATR-BC

Dr. Noah Hass-Cohen is faculty at the Couple and Family Therapy program at Alliant International University in Los Angeles CA and an internationally recognized expert on relational art therapy neuroscience approaches. Noah is the author of two books, Art Therapy & Clinical Neuroscience and Art Therapy & the Neuroscience of Relationships, Creativity & Resiliency which were published by Norton’s Interpersonal Neuroscience series.

She has pioneered, published, and presented on her approach which includes six principles: 1) Creative Embodiment, 2) Relational Resonating, 3) Expressive Communicating, 4) Adaptive Responding, 5) Transformative Integration, and 6) Empathizing and Compassion. Noah’s recent research focuses on the application of her empirically supported four-drawing protocol for the treatment trauma and pain related symptoms.

She has received the prestigious Silver Rawley Research Grant from the American Art Therapy Association for her ongoing pain research as well as the prestigious Journal of the American Art Therapy Association’s article of the year award. In the community she and colleagues received a grant to provide workshops on obesity and weight management related psychosocial factors.

Noah is trained and certified in several mindfulness approaches, and she champions “Lands in Love,” a Costa Rican plant-based cooperative and animal shelter. Originally from Israel, Noah lives in Los Angeles. Her current favorite art medium are paper cutouts, and she enjoys spending time with her spouse, children, and grandchildren.

The 2021 Attachment & the Arts conference will be held on Saturday 20th November 2021 online as a zoom event.  

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