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Group Art Therapy for Adults in the Hospice

08 April 2021

Group Art Therapy for Adults in the Hospice...

Josie, a 72 year-old a patient with a terminal illness, attended a few creative and therapeutic interventions in the hospice such as individual art therapy legacy work that focused on her family tree, a closed art psychotherapy group and a project-based art & drama therapy group. In this AIR she shares some of her experience in the groups. As a dedicated advocate promoting the benefits of art therapy in the hospice, she was quite keen for this video to go public. 

Josie arrived as quite a different woman to the one I said goodbye to. I believe the humility of the dying process combined with the creative space that art therapy opened up for her and the relationships that developed in the groups, led to her 'blossoming' at the end of her life and making huge shifts in her close relationships.