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'The He(Art) Of Medicine... Megan Tjasink & Dr Giampaolo Martinelli at Attachment & Arts Conference (2020)

25 January 2020

Megan Tjasink & Dr Giampaolo Martinelli presenting 'The He(Art) Of Medicine: Using Art And Art Therapy To Foster Compassion And Relationship In A Highly Pressured Medical Setting' at the 2020 Attachment & the Arts conference on 14th November...


The BAAT series of ‘Attachment and the Arts’ conferences aims to explore art therapy through the lens of attachment theory and related research. The10th ‘Attachment and the Arts’ conference will focus on research developments in understanding the ‘bio’ element in the psycho-bio-social framework applied to Attachment Theories with a keynote presentation by Dr Rodney Adeniyi-Jones on the relational human body.

Physical and psychological difficulties can be complex and interlinked when ill health is critical or progressive. Seriously ill patients (and the medics caring for them) are often faced with multiple problems that cannot be solved and this can cause suffering for all involved. Within this context, the arts and arts therapies can play a significant role in helping to alleviate suffering by facilitating compassionate and the relational. Dr Giampaolo Martinelli, a Cardiothoracic and Intensive Treatment Unit Consultant Anaesthetist, will present innovative arts practice through his work inspired by the relational heartbeats of patients and staff in the operating theatre. Megan Tjasink will introduce a compassion-focused art therapy approach used at Barts hospital to work both with seriously ill patients and highly pressured, emotionally exhausted medical staff.

Megan Tjasink is Lead Art Psychotherapist in Cancer Psychological Services and Specialist Palliative Care at Barts Hospital. She is a Senior Lecturer on the MA Art Therapy, University of Hertfordshire and has been an Art Psychotherapist in cancer and palliative care since 2004. Dr Giampaolo Martinelli is a Cardiothoracic and ITU Consultant Anaesthetist AT Barts Hospital. Both he and Megan are deeply invested in the application of the arts and arts therapies in medicine. They are committed to fostering and developing this with patients, with medical staff and more broadly within the culture of medicine and the medical environment.

The 2020 Attachment & the Arts conference will be held on Friday 14th November online as a zoom event. A film of the conference will also be accessible afterwards (A fee will also be charged for accessing the conference film as as BAAT relies on proceedings from this event to continue to provide its services to members).   

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You can also follow the conference live on 14th November 2020 on Twitter using #AttachmentArts