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Art Therapists' Art Gallery

29 November 2019

The Art Therapists' Art online gallery and how to get involved...


Art Therapists' Art:

Is an online gallery which showcases the work of qualified and trainee Art Therapists who are also Artists. The gallery includes artworks from around the world. New artworks are selected and added to the galleries on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook every Friday and posted on all of BAAT's social media platforms and feature within BAATs fortnightly eBulletin which is sent to over 3,000 Art Therapists.

Images from the gallery are selected for publication on the front covers of the International Journal of Art Therapy: Inscape and BAAT Newsbriefing

Artwork Credit: By Art Therapist & Artist Dave Rankin, 'Untitled', Mixed Media on paper, 2018. Featured in The International Journal of Art Therapy: Inscape Volume 24 Issue 1-2 January - June 2019.


How to get involved:

If you would like to submit images of your art for consideration please send us up to 3 professional standard photos of your work. Images should be high resolution at least 300 pixels per inch (ppi). Images should be sent in a private message either via Instagram or Facebook including the following form... 

Your name and professional status:
Created In:

#ArtTherapistsArt #OnlineExhbition @baat_org



Online Galleries:

You can see a collection of artworks from Art Therapists around the world in the Art Therapists' Art Online Exhibitions below.... 

Instagram Gallery here

Gallery here

Gallery here

We’d love to see your work!