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Researching art therapy client’s experiences... Dr. Mimmu Rankanen at the International Art Therapy Practice/Research Conference

27 June 2019

“I’m looking forward to meeting international colleagues and to hearing inspiring presentations of current art therapy research at the International Art Therapy Practice/Research Conference.” Dr. Mimmu Rankanen on the Inaugural Conference in July...

I will present my ongoing process research on a client’s experience of art therapy. I use three theoretical models to catch the different aspects of the mechanisms of change that are specific for the art therapy process. My presentation is strongly based on visual material that the client self has organized to construct a coherent understanding of her own art therapy process and recovery from depression and anxiety.


Dr. Mimmu Rankanen is an enthusiastic researcher of art therapy working in Helsinki, Finland and focusing especially on clients’ experiences and mechanisms of change. She has lengthy experience of teaching art therapy at the university level and has presented research papers in numerous conferences. Dr. Rankanen also continues clinical work with adults suffering from various mental health problems. Her publications include journal articles, book chapters, handbook of art therapy and a doctoral dissertation.


The International Art Therapy Practice/Research Conference will be held on 11-13 July 2019 at Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London.

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