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Co-Production in Art Therapy Practice, Research and Publication

05 May 2019

Call for papers for this special issue of the International Journal of Art Therapy: Inscape...


Deadline: 30th June 2020 

This special issue highlighting co-production in art therapy practice, research and publication will include articles that feature any or all of the following:

  • Research-underpinned accounts of co-production of art therapy interventions alongside one or more former art therapy service users
  • Research-underpinned accounts of co-production of service improvements, developments, design, and delivery with one or more former art therapy service users
  • Co-research into an art therapy intervention, or aspects thereof, or something closely related to art therapy or its provision, with one or more former art therapy service users in the role of co-researcher
  • Co-authored papers with one or more former art therapy service users, which can be evaluations, research, literature reviews or literature syntheses
  • Research-underpinned articles incorporating accounts of art therapy from the perspective of one or more former art therapy service users, and with the latter as co-authors or close consultants to the writing.

Where the main activity discussed in the article is not a research study, the paper should contain references to relevant empirical and theoretical literature to underpin any claims made about the nature or hypothesised effects of art therapy. For example, if the main focus is a service user’s account of art therapy, research literature should be incorporated to provide a research-informed commentary on the experiences described. However, authors need to be mindful not to impose theory or empirical evidence that does not fit with the view of the service user. This may require some detailed discussion and mutual listening to arrive at a mutually agreed explanation of the phenomena described, with experiential knowledge having equal importance alongside research knowledge.


Submission Guidelines
Please submit using the 'Submit an article' button on the journal website here.

Please ensure that all submissions are in line with the IJAT Instructions for Authors and that any images uploaded with articles are of the highest resolution and quality.

For further information on requirements for images please see Taylor & Francis Instructions for Authors (photographs may be refused on the grounds of poor quality and/or may need further editing, which will result in the service user’s permission being sought a second time for publication of the edited image).

Deadline: 30th June 2020 - Find out more here