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Unifying & elevating the arts therapies & arts for health & wellbeing... Dr Donna Betts at the International Art Therapy Practice/Research Conference

08 February 2019

“There will be limitless potential to advance art therapy worldwide as an outgrowth of the connectivity that will happen at this inaugural conference among art therapy practitioners and researchers.” Dr Donna Betts


In the United States, national arts and creative arts therapies organizations have been working together in an effort to unify and elevate the healing arts and clinical arts therapies.  Recent endeavors and research initiatives are highlighted in this presentation to reflect the impact of collaborative efforts to ensure the future growth and viability of the arts in health and its integral role in promoting health and well-being. 

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Donna Betts, PhD, ATR-BC, is the Clinical Research Advisor for Creative Forces: National Endowment for the Arts Military Healing Arts Network, Past President of the American Art Therapy Association, and adjunct Associate Professor of Art Therapy at the George Washington University.  An award-winning researcher and author, Dr. Betts has presented internationally on a variety of topics.  She was the recipient of the 2014 Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association Best Paper Award for her article A Review of the Principles for Culturally-Appropriate Art Therapy Assessment Tools.  Dr. Betts and co-investigator Dr. Jordan Potash were granted the 2012 AATA Research Award for their study, An Art Therapy Study of Visitor Reactions to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Experience.


The International Art Therapy Practice/Research Conference will be held on 11-13 July 2019 at Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London.

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