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Using arts based research in art therapy to transform society... Prof Ephrat Huss at the International Art Therapy Practice/Research Conference

02 February 2019

“I think that it is so important that art therapy creates a space to seriously and critically reflect on its methods of producing knowledge and on its connections to broader social issues: This conference sounds like it will do exactly that!" Professor Ephrat Huss

Prof Ephrat Huss' keynote presentation will look at ways of using arts based research and participatory methods to co–create knowledge with marginalised and shared-reality groups, to help destigmatise the self and the "other" and turn people into experts on their own experience of social reality.

It will demonstrate how arts based methods, when they are the end product of the research, can become a way to transform and impact society. Arts based methods can create places and spaces that empower and inform communities rather than experts creating knowledge about and taking knowledge "away" from marginalised groups. 

See previous papers by Prof Ephrat Huss in International Journal of Art Therapy: Inscape 


Professor Ephrat Huss chairs an MA in arts therapy for social workers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. She has published over 65 articles and 2 theoretical and 2 edited books on art therapy and arts based research with marginalised Bedouin populations and other social contexts. She has also received competitive grants in this field. She is currently working on experiences of marginalised Bedouin youth in Israel.

The International Art Therapy Practice/Research Conference will be held on 11-13 July 2019 at Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London.

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