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Can AHPs Transform Adult Mental Health?

04 October 2018

We are excited to announce that on World Mental Health Day, 10th October, we are launching a national debate for allied health professionals…

The debate, hosted as a three-week online workshop, will help the allied health professions unveil and understand the most impactful AHP workforce innovations that are likely to affect adult mental health.

We have little doubt you’ll have felt the growing recognition that our health services need to think and work differently to improve how our nation prevents adult mental health problems or better serves those mental ill-health.

And we are sure you’ll have experienced the growing recognition that AHPs are driving lots of innovation in new care models and technologies.

So we feel it’s time to ask:

* what are the most innovative existing AHP workforce practices that, if scaled, could have a dramatic impact upon adult mental health today, and

* what are the AHP workforce innovations that should be explored more for their likeliness to have a transformative impact on mental health in the future?

Our colleagues at Health Education England agreed, and have sponsored this national debate. Better still, they will work with us to explore them further and or investigate the opportunities to scale or explore,

We are sure you’ll agree this is an exciting opportunity to shape the future of AHP involvement and innovation in mental health. Please do look out for more on World Mental Health Day – 10th October when we’ll explain more.