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Attachment and the Arts in Regent's Park

16 November 2016

The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) is delighted to have been working with Regent’s Conferences to provide a fitting venue for the 2016 Attachment and the Arts conference.


The BAAT series of ‘Attachment and the Arts’ conferences has aimed to explore art therapy through the lens of attachment theory. The questions are: ‘What is the value of art in building close, trusting relationships?’; ‘What are the implications for art therapy practice and research?’ In this conference (the sixth in the series), we will showcase some significant advances from the USA and the UK which take forward our understanding.
Based in the heart of Regent's Park, Regent's University London has a rich and diverse history, and a long tradition of education.

The beginnings of higher education in London arrived in 1828, with the founding of University College in Gower Street. This was for men only, but in 1849 a "Ladies College" was founded by Mrs Elisabeth Reid and opened nearby in Bedford Square.

In 1908 the college moved into Regent’s Park. Local residents protested at the arrival of their new neighbours and questions were asked in Parliament about the impact of a college on the amenity of the Park.

The "swinging sixties" saw the admission of male undergraduates in 1965, and the expansion of UK higher education in the 70s eventually led to a merger with Royal Holloway College.

Regent's University London is now one of the most internationally diverse independent universities, with students from more than 140 different countries worldwide.

This year the Attachment and the Arts conference will present exciting new developments in the areas of assessment, psychosis, parent-child dyadic work, borderline personality disorders and joint attention.

We are looking forward to welcoming delegates on 2nd December!

For more information about the 2016 Attachment and the Arts conference please click here

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