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BAAT Personnel

Below is a list of BAAT staff, their respective areas of responsibilities and working days. Please note: all BAAT staff work part-time and although we endeavour to respond to all messages, please remember that we are a small team in a very busy office. We prefer to be contacted by email but if you want to phone us, our office number is 020 7686 4216

Dr Val Huet, BAAT Chief Executive Officer
Works: flexibly four days a week

Mary-Rose Brady, BAAT Director of Operations and BAAT Lead for Children & Young People
Works: flexibly four days a week

Dr Sue Holttum, BAAT Research Officer
Works: Mondays

Bettina Erland Jensen, Membership & Administrative Officer
Works: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Antonia Kenny, Short Courses and Events Manager
Works: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 

Alex McDonald, Senior Communication Officer and CPD Courses Commissioner.
Works flexibly three days per week

Abimbola Badiora, Bookkeeper & Finance 

Works: Mondays & Tuesdays


Dr Patricia Watts, BAAT Scotland Professional Officer
Works: Flexibly one day per week