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BAAT Council & Honorary Positions

Below is a list of the elected BAAT Council Officers and their area of interest. To contact BAAT Council Officers, please email

Claire Louise Vaculik:   Chair - Education, Children, Young People & Adults

Simon Richardson:       Honorary Secretary - Homelessness   

Richard Whitaker:        Vice-Chair, Adult Mental Health            

Dr Liz Ashby:               Learning Disabilities, IJAT & Newsbriefing

Dr Susan Carr:             IJAT & Newsbriefing   

Sophia Cowx:               Adult Mental Health, EMDR          

Karen Fenna:                Wales Council Director, Education, Hospice & Palliative Care 

Cliff Free:                       Children and Young People, Eating Disorders

Vivienne Gibbons:         Community-based art therapy 

Dominik Havsteen-Franklin:  Adult Mental Health, Mentalization, Research

Colin Sims:                    Northern Ireland Council Director , Education            

Jude Smit:                   Adult Mental Health, PTSD, Education & Research

Co-opted Council members:

Nikki Linfield:                Children & Young People Advisor                        

Also attending BAAT Council meetings:

Gary Fereday:                Chief Executive Officer

Dr Val Huet:                    Director of Research & Development 

Alex McDonald:              Senior Communications & CPD Commissioning Officer

Honorary Position:

President:                         Professor Diane Waller, OBE.

Research Officer:

Dr Sue Holttum