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Qualifying training courses for Art Therapists in the UK

In order to work as an art therapist in the NHS and Social Services, it is mandatory to possess the post-graduate Diploma in Art Therapy or Art Psychotherapy.  Applicants for art therapy training come from diverse backgrounds: whilst many do have a formal art and design qualification, applications from professionals in the Health and Social Care sectors (nurses, social workers, Allied Health Professions, etc.) and in Education will be considered providing they can demonstrate on-going personal involvement in art making. All post-graduate courses in Art Therapy and Art Psychotherapy abide by standards set down by the Health Professions Council (HPC) and are approved by the council.

Approved training programmes are available at a number of establishments in the UK. Please contact them directly for details and availability of courses.

List of approved training programmes >>

Download our Art Therapy information pack including the list of training courses (pdf)

These training programmes currently enable graduates to register with

    The Health Professions Council
    Park House
    184 Kennington Park Road
    London SE11 4BU 

    Telephone 020 7582 0866   Website:

Continuing Professional Development

Following qualifications, art therapists are required by BAAT to maintain competence as therapists and as professional persons.  Training and education courses suitable to meet these needs and develop skills in evidence-based practice are currently offered by the art therapy training courses.


For books about Art Therapy and practice see the Bibliography which lists books and publications by BAAT members.

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